Service Detail

Project Management

Black Brick Builders and Developers is consisting of highly professional and expertise team of Project Management, officially certified by the well-known Project Management Institute of USA.

A team of PMP Certified professionals provides the most latest and updated methodologies of project management knowledge areas to achieve the client satisfaction in the field of Project Management in mega projects from private as well as public sector of Pakistan.


Design Consultation

Starting the concept design stage BBBuilders offers its professional services based on in-depth market survey to produce a product with maximum market demand.

Feasibility Study

We offer a feasibility study of a wide range of projects and products in perspective of the actual demand of consumers and end users. Our professionals are highly expertise in conducting the feasibility study and producing the most realistic reports based on the facts and figures to provide a reliable base for your new projects and products.

Authority Approvals

Due to lake of information about the actual requirements and formats of the statutory authorities many applicants face difficulties in getting the authority approvals for their new projects and products or registration of new business set.

Our professionals have the most updated information about the bye-laws and requirements of all authorities concerned, therefore, they offer the most effective and efficient completion of the authority approvals in commercial and legal sectors.

Supervision Consultation

After getting the authority approval we offer the most effective and professional supervision consultancy with our expert project team from different specialties.

We support our client in all concerned sectors of construction projects like review of project design, selection of project team, pre-qualification of sub-contractor and material suppliers, dealing with authorities for approvals. 

Our main area in supervision consultancy is the construction, infrastructure and development projects including roads, drainage, housing, infrastructure, dams, water reservoirs supply and high rise buildings of all kind.

Operations Management

After completion of your project, we offer the operational management services to use and operate your project precisely for the purpose it is designed and executed.

Our team knows how to operate your project in a best possible processes to maximize the project life effectively and efficiently.

Facilities Management

If your organization owns state of the art buildings fully equipped with latest mechanical and electrical installations like elevators, generators, HVAC system, escalators, automatic doors and sprinkler systems etc. you need its professional and effective maintenance management to increase its life span and avoid emergency break downs during the critical business hours.

We offer the facility management services in the following areas.

i. Space & Infrastructure (Hard FM Services)

  • Preventive building maintenance, (improvement).
  • HVAC System
  • Fire safety equipment and system.
  • Uninterrupted Power supply and lighting.
  • Mechanical fixtures, equipment and systems.
  • Electrical fixtures, equipment and systems.
  • Maintenance of building finishing and fixtures.
  • Loose furniture and furnishes.
  • Hardscapes and infrastructures.

ii. People & Organization (Soft FM Services)

  • Building Security
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Décor and landscaping
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Reception and wayfinding
  • Human resource management
  • Division of people and places
  • Event management
  • Traffic flow and parking management

Process Improvement.

Every organization follow some basic working processes to perform their target jobs therefore, process improvement is the strategic requirement of every single organization.

Process improvement is a continues chain of efforts to remove the wastes and unnecessary steps from the process and reduce the time and resources waste on the useful steps of the process.

 Process improvement is also called continual process improvement because it is not a one go task to conduct and get a perfect process with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We are specialized in continual process improvement from construction, developmental and infrastructure projects, our team of expert evaluate your existing process for the loop holes resulting over costing and slow progress, and suggest the best possible correction actions to minimize your organization loss and maximize your overall performance.