Service Detail

Commercial Arbitration

Black Brick commercial arbitration professionals are specialist of Dispute Resolution from the construction, infrastructure, developmental and real estate markets of Pakistan.

With more than 20 years of experience in hundreds of conflict resolutions we are confident and professional in giving you the best solution and settlement of your commercial dispute in the mentioned sectors, it is a proven fact that arbitration is the best alternative of the traditional way of litigation in courts.

We offer simple procedure and flexibility to comply with the client requirements and expectations helping them settle their disputes more efficiently and effectively, moreover, we keep high confidentiality in dealing and recording the confidential information of our client, which is also beneficial for our client to keep the corporate information of their organization in safe hands.

BBBuilders is professional in preparing arbitration agreements suitable for specific commercial conflicts and disputes, we offer arbitration to both or single party under dispute with highly skilled and expert professionals.

Form of arbitration

BBBuilders offers its services in ad hoc arbitration considering the market requirement of Pakistan we are dealing in dispute resolution on ad hoc basis only.

In ad hoc arbitration both parties mutually agree on the formation of arbitration bench consisting of one or more arbitrators as acceptable by both parties. Sometime this kind of arbitration is initially agreed and mentioned in the main contract between the conflicting parties.

ad hoc arbitration is initiated when a conflict arise between the parties of the contract according to the clauses mentioned in the contract or on the basis of mutual understanding to avoid the litigation process.


Black Brick Builders & Developers is highly specialised in mediation of commercial projects especially from constructions, infrastructure and real estate sectors. Mediation is almost a normal practice in the local market of KPK, Pakistan and there is a huge understanding in public regarding the rules and regulations of mediation.